Briefly: $300,000 Free Range Egg Fine, iPhone 6 Meets Angle Grinder

Briefly: $300,000 Free Range Egg Fine, iPhone 6 Meets Angle Grinder

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including a free-range egg provider copping a $300,000 fine and a company paying $10,200 for using the wrong mailing list. Plus: attacking the iPhone 6 with an angle grinder. Yeah.

Eggs picture from Shutterstock

  • The ACCC is continuing its campaign against dubious representations of free-range eggs, fining Pirovic Enterprises $300,000. Pirovic was selling eggs in a carton labelled “free range” showing hens on open pasture, but that was rarely the case for its hens. As we’ve noted before, labels like “free range” are often misused.
  • Elsewhere in our special Finehacker edition of briefly, ACMA has fined business loan company AusVANCE $10,200 for sending email marketing to customers who had not given their consent. AusVANCE had purchased the list from a broker but didn’t seek proof that all names on it had consented to marketing activities.
  • Why would you attack your shiny new iPhone 6 with an angle grinder? Why, to fix the annoying sticking-out camera. Gizmodo has the full story.
  • Gamers can relax; Kotaku’s review of Destiny has appeared. The key phrase? “It’s usually a lot of fun, except when it aggressively isn’t. I can’t stop playing.”


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