Be Careful With iOS 8’s New Private Browsing Mode In Safari

Be Careful With iOS 8’s New Private Browsing Mode In Safari

iOS 8 is packed with great new features, and an updated private browsing mode is one of them. As Redditor ILiketoSpooner points out, private browsing mode is not really as conveniently private as it used to be.

In iOS 7, when you left private browsing mode you would see a prompt to close all your open tabs. Now, there is no prompt and when you leave private browsing mode all your tabs are left wide open for the world to see. So, if someone opens up Safari on your phone they can switch over to private browsing and see everything you had open. If you don’t want anyone seeing what you were checking out last, you have to individually close each tab.

Careful with iOS 8 Private Browsing mode… [Reddit]


  • So how is this different to every other private browsing mode in every platform? Chrome IOS works the same way. Its not suppose to be a secret browsing mode. anyone who have access to your phone can see all open tabs no matter in private mode or not.

    • Actually, private mode is very much designed not to leave track on the local device. It doesn’t keep cookies, etc. which could link you to that session. However, it also doesn’t keep the browser history which is only accessible from the local device and thus could only be intended to protect from someone else on the device looking.

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