Australian iPhone 6 Pre-Orders Open At 5PM On 12 September

If you're mad keen to place a pre-order for the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus tomorrow, you won't have to get up early. It looks like Australian orders won't open until 1700 — that's five in the afternoon for the time-challenged.

UPDATE: Check out the full range of iPhone 6 plans from Telstra, Optus, Virgin and Vodafone in our massive interactive Planhacker guide listing every single plan.

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Vodafone has listed 5pm on the front page of its site, Telstra has listed 501pm, and we'd imagine the same restriction will apply to other carriers. That lines up with the beginning of 12 September in the US, which means it's effectively a global on-sale time.

If you're planning on buying the phone in person, Apple says in-store sales will begin at 8am AEST on Friday 19 September. To be honest, pre-ordering (whether via Apple or a carrier) makes more sense — queuing is highly overrated. Either way, expect the higher capacity 128GB models to sell out first. If you're not upgrading, you can jump to iOS 8 right now.


    hmm... cost a lot, and i don't like the idea of 'Australia Tax'...
    might try find a way to get it overseas...?

      You can try to check SOUQ in UAE. It's around $700 + shipping fee.

      i think it's $100 cheaper (for the 64GB iPhone 6) than the iPhone 5 was at launch.

    If you preorder will it be delivered on the 19th?

    What happened to pre-order and in-store pick up?

    This might be a dumb question, but can you pre-order from Apple if you're going to buy it on a plan? Or is it just for outright purchases?

      Outright purchase from the Apple store.

    I'm guessing that means pre-ordering from Apple will also start at 5pm AEST on 12/9?

      Um yes, that is the entire purpose of this article, did you read the first sentence?

    So have Telstra revamped their plans yet? I notice they're trying to win more customers but it doesn't seem like they give a shit about existing ones

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