Australia Post Has 15,805 Postboxes

When was the last time you popped a letter into a postbox? It might have been a while ago, but it won't be for lack of availability: Australia post maintains 15,805 of the things.

Picture: Ben Yates

Under its community service obligations, Australia Post is required to provide at least 10,000 street posting boxes. According to its annual report, it's 50% above that number.

Cutting postboxes might help Australia Post some of its other plans, such as six-day-a-week deliveries and introducing computers to the 432 post office branches. Would you miss your local postbox if it disappeared? Tell us in the comments.


    Yes, would miss them. There seem to be a lot fewer now than in the past.

    there's one right outside our office block and it gets used pretty well.

    There's one a short 5 min walk from my house and I wouldn't miss it at all because I do not use it. I usually just put any mail I have in the external mail tub at work (stamped, not bludging off the company)

    Why not just put them at train stations.... would be easier for me.

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