Ask LH: Can I Transfer Google Maps Engine Maps To Android?

Dear Lifehacker, I am planning a motorcycle ride from Melbourne to Brisbane via many back roads to enjoy the scenery. I have created a map with Google Maps Engine but have had no joy in attempting to use the new navigation abilities of the Google Maps Android app to direct me on my route. Is it possible to do that? Thanks, Cycle Crazy

Dear CC,

For those not in the know, Google Maps Engine is a customisation platform for Google Maps that allows you to layer data on top of Google’s base map and create your own maps using a variety of styling and drawing options.

The first step is to download the mobile version of Google Maps Engine, which has been integrated with Google Maps navigation. To get turn-by-turn directions to any point on the map, simply open a map that you created via the Folder icon and touch a placemark. Then touch the blue “Navigate” icon in the info sheet at the bottom of the screen. Your custom route will show up as a blue line.

Apparently, you also need to be logged into the same Google account with which the map was built; otherwise the Navigation icon won’t work. The number of separate layers in your map can also affect navigation’s functionality. You can find more detailed information over on Google’s support page.


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