Arduino Is Releasing Its Own 3D Printer

Arduino Is Releasing Its Own 3D Printer

Arduino is best known for its micro-controller of the same name and we’ve covered countless projects featuring the little electronic wonder over the years. With the 3D printing industry making massive inroads in the do-it-yourself market, it’s not that surprising that the company behind one of the ultimate bits of hobbyist gear is releasing its own 3D printer.

Lead photo:

Today, the Arduino Twitter account posted the following update, providing followers with a sneak-peek at its upcoming device, called the “Materia 101”: managed to get its hands on a better photo, showing the printer in more detail. According to the story accompanying the image, the hardware is being produced with the help of European outfit Sharebot — in fact, the Arduino model looks very similar to Sharebot’s Kiwi 3D below.

Information regarding pricing and availability haven’t been released as of yet, but as a guide Kiwi3D kits start at €570, or around $824 Australian. Hopefully it’ll be a bit cheaper than that!

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