Apple Will Officially Let You Delete That U2 Album

Apple Will Officially Let You Delete That U2 Album

As part of its iPhone 6 launch earlier this month, Apple dumped a free copy of U2’s new album Songs Of Innocence into every single iTunes account worldwide, and made it all-but-impossible for buyers to get rid of entirely. Now Apple has relented and launched a web site that lets you delete the whole thing if you don’t want it. Here’s what you need to do.

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Just visit the official go-away-U2 site, click on the “Remove Album” button, sign into your iTunes account, and it will be permanently removed. If you’ve already downloaded the album to a device, you’ll need to delete it manually, but it shouldn’t reappear. (If your iPhone or tablet was set up to automatically download new purchases, it’s likely to be there and require deleting.)

Hopefully this means everyone is happy: U2 fans still have a free album, and people who don’t want the album aren’t forced to keep it.

Apple [via Business Insider]


  • Still a completely stupid idea to do this in the first place. Typical of such an arrogant company.

  • I am not an iFan however I think this was a good initiative. The way it was marketed was not good, it should have been opt-in (like a link in an email) not automatic.

    • It’s a terrible initiative. They should have put it up for free download, and for users to opt-in. Instead they pushed it to everyone just so they can use the ‘500 million’ figure when talking about how this was the most distributed album ever.

  • They should have just put it up on the store for $0, then send around emails, have it featured on the front page etc.

  • when I turned on my ipod for my morning constitutional and U2 started playing I was a little worried that I had brought the album in my sleep……..I hated the idea that subconsciously I might be a U2 fan…….

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