1Password For iOS Supports Touch ID, New Freemium Model

1Password for iOS Supports Touch ID, New Freemium Model

iOS: Today, one of our favourite password managers, 1Password, has been updated to support the newest version of iOS. To celebrate, it's now going freemium.

The service now includes a free tier which lets users save logins, credit card info, and secure notes without paying a dime. Users can upgrade to Pro to get features such as multiple vaults and custom organisation. So far, it seems the freemium model only extends to the iOS portion of the service.

Even better news for iPhone owners is that 1Password now supports TouchID. You can use your fingerprint to unlock your password vault on any supported iPhone. By association, this can eliminate a large amount of the time you spend typing in passwords on your phone. Not bad.

1Password [iTunes App Store via The Next Web]


    LastPass has also updated to add TouchID support and full integration with Safari.

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