Which Jobs Make You Drink The Most Energy Drinks?

Roy Morgan Research has released a new study tracking energy drink consumption in Australia. According to the report’s figures, over 1.25 million Australians over the age of 14 now regularly consume energy drinks such as Red Bull, Mother and V. However, some workplace occupations attract a higher consumption rate than others — and it’s not just night shift workers, either.

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Transport, retail and recreation workers were found to be the industry leaders when it came to knocking back cans of energy drinks: Around 14 per cent of workers in the transport/storage sector had at least one energy drink in an average week between January and March 2014. Employees working in the retail sector weren’t far behind, at 13 per cent.

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Other heavy-drinking industries included recreation/personal (10%), manufacturing, public administration/defence, construction and cmmunication (all 9%). Agriculture and Mining workers were less likely to consume energy drinks, but those who do drink more than the average: around four to five glasses per week, compared with the Australian average of 3.3 glasses.

Meanwhile, workers in finance, property/business services and wholesale/community Services were even less likely to indulge in energy drinks, with around 5 per cent consuming them on a weekly basis. Slightly amusingly, the workers who drink the least amount of energy drinks come from the energy sector: just 2.3 glasses per week. You can check out the full set of stats below:

As the above graph demonstrates, the industries with the highest number of energy drink consumers in its workforce didn’t actually drink the most glasses each week.

“There is a wide spectrum of energy drink incidence and consumption among workers across different industries,” the company explained in a statement. “While those working in transportation are most likely to drink energy drinks, their average consumption rate of 3.5 glasses is only marginally above the national average of 3.3.”

A deeper analysis of Roy Morgan’s data revealed that the biggest energy drink fans tend to be well-educated, younger suburban renters working in semi-skilled professions or still studying. Note: I do not fit into these categories. Now pass me a V.

Energy Drink Consumers Profile [Roy Morgan]

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