What Should Lifehacker Investigate At Data Center World Asia Pacific?

Data Center World is one of our favourite IT industry events, and we're looking forward to covering the Asia-Pacific Symposium event in Melbourne from 1-3 September. It's still not too late to register and attend, but if you can't make it, we'd love to know what data centre issues you'd like to see covered.

Previous DCW events have covered everything from how bacteria can ruin a data centre to how much different cabling options cost. Whether power, staff management or site selection concerns you, tell us your issues in the comments and we'll try and hunt down some answers.

Data Center World Australia


    Are greener data centres worth the power trade-off. Seeing as greener data centres consume less power, it puts pressure on the amount of power that can be consumed by a rack. As opposed to data centres that are power hungry, but enable High Density Zones to be created within the raised floor.

    Are company's like Facebook and Ebay who have free cooling data centers actually leading the way for new innovations or creating false hope for the future of greener data centers?

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