Wear A Wedding Band For Safe Travelling, Even If You Aren’t Married


Women are at high risk when travelling alone, even locally. Lifehack.org recommends wearing a gold band on your ring finger to deter possible threats, even if you’re not married.

Picture: Lanyap/Flickr

Although you may not have tied the knot just yet, what the ring signifies could be enough to keep you out of harm’s way. Creepers will assume that you’re already spoken for. If they’re really up to no good, they will consider the fact that your husband may be nearby, ready to protect you. It also helps to act like a local and blend in to further build the assumption that you’re not alone. Criminals tend to prefer a clean getaway, and the perceived threat of being caught and fought deters most of them.

If you are approached by a creepy stranger, flash the band and use your faux husband as an excuse to walk away.

10 Safety Hacks Every Woman Who Travels Alone Should Know [Lifehack]


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