Wait Three Months Before Taking A Holiday At A New Job

Wait Three Months Before Taking A Holiday At A New Job

When we start a new job, some of us aren’t sure when the best time is to request a holiday. Experts interviewed by Business Insider say three months.

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Most of us have a 90 day “probationary” period when we start a new job, so Business Insider suggests using that as your cue for when it’s OK to talk vacation. Even after that 90 days, you’ll need to check if you’ve accrued enough leave. If you’ve already got a holiday planned during the first three months, though, be sure to bring it up when you accept the new job.

Check the link for the best ways to talk about vacation at a new job.

When To Take First Vacation From New Job [Business Insider]


  • Wow, is that advice REALLY needed? Seriously? Are there even jobs were you’ve even earned that much time off after 3 months anyway???

    • Agree totally. If you need this advice, then you probably aren’t mature enough for the position. As a manager of quite a number of staff, I can attest to how frustrating it is when staff who have only started a couple of weeks ago only choose to inform you of the six weeks holiday they have booked overseas two weeks after they start. Happened so often I’ve lost count, despite the fact we always ask in interviews. I call it dishonesty.

      • I hope they’re still in their probationary period and you can say “Don’t bother coming back then.”

      • I recently got a job due to my extreme honesty, I said I couldnt start for a period because I was going away and it really impressed them pretty shocking haha

    • Nursing!
      If you do enough hours, you will definitely have enough leave accrued to head off for a week or two within 3 months.

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