VMware Has An Easter Egg In Its Easter Egg

VMware Has An Easter Egg In Its Easter Egg

Who says virtualisation can’t be fun? VMware has a neat Easter egg which allows you to play Pong — and even the Pong game has its own Easter egg.

Picture: Virtually Ghetto

Virtually Ghetto explains that if you mount a 0-Byte floppy drive to a VM image in VMware Fusion, Workstation, Player or vSphere, a game of “VPong” launches. The second egg? If you type pride, the game switches from black and white to rainbow colours.

A good addition to our list of Easter eggs for IT pros. Hit the link for complete instructions.

VMware nested easter egg [Virtually Ghetto]


  • Microsoft had a few neat ones back in the day until they moved to “Trusted Computing” where this was seen as sneaky and bad.

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