Visualise Your Inner Critic To Quell Negative Thinking

Visualise Your Inner Critic To Quell Negative Thinking

Everyone criticises themselves from time to time — it’s entirely natural. To stop it from ruling your life, give your inner critic form, and you might find it easier to fight.

We have looked at various ways of dealing with self-criticism before, including putting your /”little hater” back in its place. It’s an important step to take if you want to avoid falling into a habit of negative thinking. By visualising the little voice that nags at you, you can effectively attribute the voice to a third party — one that is easier to ignore or fight against.

Writer and speaker John-Paul Flintoff suggests writing down examples of the type of criticism that crop up. Next, try to draw the type of person, creature or entity that might utter such words — drawing skills are not important, it’s the idea that matters — and assign the words to the character using speech bubbles.

If you receive criticism from this character, you can argue back. You can fight the negativity and unlock solutions you might not otherwise have seen.

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