Video Briefly: Airport Time Lapse, Sun Damage Exposed, Shark Versus Google

Video Briefly: Airport Time Lapse, Sun Damage Exposed, Shark Versus Google

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Ultraviolet camera tricks, Jimmy Fallon versus Taylor Swift, confused sharks keep trying to eat Google’s undersea data cables.

  • Photography artist Thomas Leveritt recently asked random people on the street to pose in front of his ultraviolet camera to show them how sun exposure has affected their skin. The transformations are pretty astonishing.
  • Watch how the creator of Peanuts drew Charlie Brown. Also, Snoopy.
  • This week, Blizzard released the opening cinematic for its latest World Of Warcraft expansion. Even if you can’t stand WoW, it can’t be denied that these guys sure know how to make their games look interesting. Just wow.
  • We all know that some people see the world in a limited palette of hues due to colourblindness. But what’s the largest number of colours that we can possibly see? Found out here.
  • Laying fibre optic cables down on the ocean floor is a massive undertaking in its own right. But now, Google actually has to go back and reinforce some of its thousands of kilometres of undersea cable — because hungry sharks keep mistaking the world’s data lines for lunch.
  • In 1963, Jaguar launched a super-lightweight version of the E-Type designed purely for racing. Only 12 were built before the project was abandoned. Thankfully, Jaguar is now restarting the project. Here’s what they’ll look and sound like.
  • Let’s all gawk at how pretty Assassin’s Creed: Unity is in this 11-minute gameplay clip.
  • Here’s a time lapse video of an airport that makes aeroplanes look like shooting stars. So purdy!
  • Here’s Watch Mojo’s list of the 10 most visually striking movies that used CGI effectively. Yes, Gravity is #1.
  • Some of the most powerful people in the tech world are currently dumping buckets of ice water on their heads for charity. Including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Ever wondered what a Twin Peaks video game might have looked like? Wonder no longer.
  • Generally, when you build your lair in Minecraft, you need a door. There are two ways you can go about getting one: either craft one out of wood or metal, or engineer a clever gate using redstone machinery.
  • Watch this magician freak out dogs with a flying sausage trick.
  • A bunch of friends got together with some terrible props and costumes to create Smash Bros. But In Real Life. Behold the awesomeness.
  • After Dark is a tech initiative that let’s you peek through the ‘eyes’ of four robots as they roam the darkened galleries in Tate Britain after all the visitors have left. The ‘bots can also be controlled by anyone across the world who logs on through the website. Watch them in action here.
  • Taylor Swift recently appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show as Natalie, an endearing nerd with braces and glasses who’s not allowed to watch TV because of a certain pop star. If you like Swift and Fallon, you’ll love this. Probably.
  • Here’s a video from Top Gear showing the Stig making a 300 foot bungee jump while strapped inside a F1 car. Don’t try this at home.
  • To any good nerd, numbers are inherently interesting, whether they’re square, primes, part of the Fibonacci sequence… whatever. But some numbers aren’t so special — so what’s the most boring one?


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