Vaya Unlimited NBN Plans Are Extremely Cheap

Vaya is best known for dirt-cheap mobile plans (and occasional questions over customer service), but now the company is also seeking your NBN dollar. How do Vaya's newly-launched plans stack up?

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All Vaya's plans require a 24-month contract (and obviously you'll need to be in an area with NBN connectivity). They're also "unlimited", with no official download limit. Here's what is on offer:

Monthly price Speed (download/upload Mbps)
$59.00 12/1
$69.00 25/5
$79.00 50/20
$89.00 100/40

Taking a quick look at our recent roundup of unlimited plans, those prices are cheaper than anything else out there — but only just. Exetel and TPG have similar deals for 100/40 for just 99 cents more per month, and both offer a 12-month contract option.


    "obviously you’ll need to be in an area with NBN connectivity" .... - yep

    I love that 12/1 is an offered NBN plan - It's around what we should all be getting (if not better) on ADSL2+. The coalition NBN plan would have been great at the turn of the century.

      Well it is being delivered over the NBN.
      And some people don't need super high speeds. Perfect for the grandparents.

        Speed may not be an issues today, but it will be tomorrow. You may be happy with your speed but there are a lot of other things the speed could be used for (health services, etc). But I suppose buying up fighter jets is way more important.

          It's called democracy. Don't vote for them at next election if you don't like it.

            Lol. I didn't. They still got in. *facepalm*

      That's about the speed I get with ADSL (which I'm told is above average). There is a lot of people out there who just don't need any quicker.

      I haven't been able to justify anything faster than 12mbps. All of my tv shows download automatically during the day and only occasionally do games take a few hours. There's no real opportunity to stream 1080p so there's not really any reason to go any faster. Either way, the latency on fibre is awesome compared to ADSL.

      Last edited 18/08/14 5:29 pm

    I can't imagine how much traffic it will generate in the area where NBN Fibre bandwidth is UNLIMITED. Vaya services on the NBN are not available in all areas or premises.

    99 for 100mbps and 1tb per month is enough for me... just 10 dollar difference from iiNet. Plus I know my ISP is reliable

    Why switch to base NBN 12Mbps when current adsl or cable offer speed 20-25Mbps? Vaya $89 stand alone plan aint cheap. Others offer home phone bundle for a similar price.

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