Use The Bottom Of A Hot Saucepan To Iron Your Clothes

Use The Bottom Of A Hot Saucepan To Iron Your Clothes

If you’re one of the many people out there that does not own an iron, there’s a way you can remove wrinkles with something you probably do have: a basic saucepan.

Photo by Alisha Vargas

Perrie Samotin at weblog StyleCaster suggests ironing your clothes using a saucepan. Just fill your pot with a little water and wait for it to boil. Then use the flat bottom of the saucepan as your iron to press your pants and shirts. You can pour the water out before ironing if you’d like, but the added weight of the water might be helpful. Just be careful and make sure your saucepan has a good handle. You can even boil some pasta or some eggs while you’re at it and save some time and energy.

You can use a simple spray bottle to mist your clothing before ironing or just iron them when they’re still a little damp. There are a lot of ways to de-wrinkle your clothes without an iron, so find one that works best for you and continue living your glorious, iron-free life.

10 Ways to Get Wrinkles Out of Clothes Without an Iron [StyleCaster]


  • OK..! First, unless you are using a pot with a very clean, base or a new one, you will need to cover you clothes with paper or similar non stick surface. Because a pot with a dirty, read gunk that comes from burning Gas, is going to destroy your clothes..! Second… Leaving the water in, may add weight, however it doesn’t take much to cause it to spill and cause serious burns..! Very irresponsible post..!!

    • Also a waste of water. This is the quality if article we have come to expect from Lifehacker US. Maybe it’s time to filter the bad posts a bit more responsibly.

      • It’s a tiny little life-hack for when you don’t have an iron, not a mandate that this is the way you must iron your clothes forever.

        If this is the sort of post that makes you question the quality and integrity of a site called “lifehackers” you’re in the wrong god damned place.

    • I don’t think we need to clutch at our pearls quite that frantically.
      People operate kitchen knives, motor vehicles, nail guns, regular guns, skateboards, and pots with a little boiled water in them quite regularly without incident.

      • Yeah your right, lets post more Lifehacks that are dangerous and poorly worded..!
        I was pointing out the errors here, not getting my knickers in a bunch..!

  • This is ridiculous, AND DANGEROUS! Carrying a pot around with boiling water in it just doesn’t make sense, even with a lid on, it’s very easy to splash water out onto you or others – not only when you take it from the kitchen to the ironing board, but while you’re actually ironing, and moving the pot to and fro. Silly silly silly advice..

    If you’re that hard up and need to iron with a pot, make some porridge, and iron with the pot prior to you having your brekkie. It will not spill, and it will stay hotter for longer and it’s MUCH safer.

    • If you can’t navigate a pot with a bit of hot water in it without causing yourself massive injuries, you probably shouldn’t be wielding a regular iron either.

  • I like to curl my hair with the smoking barrel of a rifle,

    For perfect curls, it works best winding your hair around a cold weapon, then firing.

  • You can pick up an iron from Big W or Kmart for about $20, seriously.

    Some twat is going to try this and then sue because they spill it on themselves or their child.

    If you own an ironing board, surely you have an iron.

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