Use Nappies Instead Of Paper Towels To Clean Up Big Messes

Use Nappies Instead of Paper Towels to Clean Up Big Messes

As any paper towel advertisement will tell you, some messes are bigger than others. While every company wants you to believe their paper towels can handle the biggest messes, disposable nappies can handle the biggest ones of all.

Nappies are made to be more absorbent, more tough, and thicker than paper towels (for obvious reasons). Of course, parents need nappies for their intended purpose as well, but if you have extras laying around or (shocker) a child makes a bigger-than-usual mess, you could potentially clean up a mess with a single diaper that might otherwise require a lot of paper towels.

11 Unusual Uses for Diapers [Instructables via BuzzFeed]


    True, but nappies are also expensive and if you have kids who still uses them, there's no way a parent will waste a nappy this way.

    Sure because Nappies are very good value as mopup pads, and very ecological..!

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    You use a new one to clean up spills right?!

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