Use Google Search To Show Future Events From Your Calendar And Email

So here’s a handy Google feature I’d somehow failed to notice: if you’re signed in to your Google account and you search for the phrase “calendar November”, Google will show events that it knows about based on your email, calendar entries and behaviour.

I don’t use Google Calendar itself for day-to-day planning, but Google Now detects future travel plans based on bookings, so it shows flights and hotels I’ve booked in that period. It also picks up calendar invites sent to your Gmail account. Using the phrase “events [monthname]” also seems to work, as does “calendar next week” and “calendar next year”.

The results page takes pains to point out that “only you can see this result”. Not necessarily something I’ll use a lot, but interesting to know — and much more useful if you actually do use Google Calendar. For more search tips, check out how to create calendar entries direct from the search bar.