Use Any Smartphone To Remotely Control YouTube On A Computer


You may not know this, but YouTube on your PC or laptop can actually be controlled from any smartphone, without installing any apps or linking the two over a network. All you need to do is use YouTube TV.

As Redditor circasurviv3 points out, it’s a simple process. Just go to on your computer and press “S” to bring up the search menu. You’ll get a prompt to pair your PC with your smartphone by going to from your handset and typing the code provided. And that’s it — you’re controlling YouTube on your PC from your smartphone.

Sure, you can install an app like YouTube Remote or elaborately control your whole PC with your Android phone, but this is a no-fuss, no-installation way that works with any computer and any phone, not just your own.

Use your Smartphone as a remote for YouTube on ANY computer [Reddit]


  • I’ve tried this and it’s cool, easy and the good thing, it’s free no apps required. I hope it can be also control other video sites.

  • Never knew about this!!! This will make my TV YouTube browsing MUCH better!!! Personally I like Unified Remote so I might make a custom remote (the standard UR YouTube remote is a bit rubbish)

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