Use A Garbage Bag To Inflate A Mattress When You Don't Have A Pump

If you're camping or have guests over, inflatable mattresses are handy. If you can't find a pump, you'll tire quickly inflating it yourself. A garbage bag inflates your mattress and saves your lungs.

Open up a big garbage bag (they call it a bin bag in the video) and catch a bunch of air in it. Seal the end of the bag to the mattress and lay on top of it. You'll need to do it a few times to inflate the mattress, but it sure beats trying to blow into it for an hour.

Check the video for the walk-through.

How to Inflate an Airbed Without a Pump [YouTube]


    If you just breath out into the bag, rather than "blowing it up". you inflate it in almost the same amount of time, just it doesn't tire you out.

    Or just hook the mattress up to the gas mains ;)

    Last edited 24/08/14 9:41 pm

      Wouldn't it then be a "lighter than air mattress"?

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