Unclouded Finds Out What’s Eating Your Google Drive And Dropbox Space

Unclouded Finds Out What’s Eating Your Google Drive And Dropbox Space

Android: What’s taking up all the space in your Dropbox? Are there multiple copies of the same file in your Google Drive? Get control of your cloud storage with Unclouded for Android.

Unclouded has an easy and appealing interface. You can sign in with multiple Dropbox or Google Drive accounts, but you can only operate one at a time. Unclouded is like a disk space analyser for the cloud. It will analyse your cloud storage to come up with the size of the whole folder, the kind of documents you have (such as images, audio and video) and how much space each takes, and sort files by when you last modified them. It also recognises duplicates and lists them separately.

All of this is available in the free version of Unclouded. To take action on any this data, you’ll have to pay $1.99 for the premium version. That lets you delete, upload, share, rename and move files, as well as create new folders.

The app is still in beta, so you’ll have to join its Google+ community to gain access to download it from the Play Store. Alternately, you can directly download the APK.

Unclouded (free/$1.99 premium) [Google Play Store via XDA Developers Forum]


    • The app is in beta. If you’re not a member of its Google+ community, you can’t use the Play link yet.

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