This Infographic Shows How Network Speeds Have Improved Over Time

This Infographic Shows How Network Speeds Have Improved Over Time

You might not be able to get the NBN at home as soon as you want, but the history of networks is a history of faster speeds — even on copper lines. This infographic highlights some of the main milestones.

Cabling picture from Shutterstock

Produced by Alcatel-Lucent, the diagram emphasises how copper has typically been used for last-mile connections. It would be remiss of us not to point out that while that will still be the case under the Coalition NBN plan for many people, one thing we don’t know in many cases is how good (or otherwise) those copper connections are.


    • Was logging in to say that. Thank you. And to think that we are 15 years behind the times.

    • Lucky you. I seem to be stuck somewhere between 1989 (assumption based on lack of speed info) and 1999.

      On the bright side, I received a letter from NBNco. last week saying we’re getting NBN sometime in the next 3 months. Fingers crossed.

  • 10Gbps over 70 metres… the Fibre top speed in lab tests is like a 100,000 times more than that now. (they are talking Peta-bps)

    Is this some sort of Liberal NBN propoganda machine ? Copper is a dinosaur, just like most politicians, let it die… then we can dig up all that copper and make iPads and Smartphones.

  • The first FTTH was completed in 1986 and now almost 30 years later most of Australia still can’t get it.

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