The Organised Dorm Room Workspace

The Organised Dorm Room Workspace

University dorms normally don’t give you a lot of space to play with, and with tight student budgets, many just end up with a mishmash of furniture haphazardly arranged. Flickr user lorby351’s room, however, is different.

Everything (mostly IKEA furniture) is very neatly arranged and coordinated, and there’s plenty of organisation in that bookcase wall. Here’s a view of the uncluttered desktop:

The Organised Dorm Room Workspace

Looks like a great place to focus on your studies.

Dorm1 [Flickr]


  • A dorm in an Australian university would be half to a third that size. No way are you going to be able to fit all that extra furniture in.

    Additional furniture is a great way to clutter your room, as most already come with a des, bed and a book case. Those who brought keyboards, additional furniture, couches etc regretted it very quickly, as they always had to step over/move it to get around the room.

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