The Lonely Rock Desktop

The Lonely Rock Desktop

Reader FewCents created this beautiful desktop. It’s easy on the eyes when nothing’s going on, and has plenty of room to work, with its widgets off to the sides. Here’s what you’ll need to set it up.

Three tools, and a little customisation for each, and that’s all it takes to put this sharp-looking desktop together. The app tab on the left springs out when needed with a few commonly used applications in it, and the dock at the bottom can be configured to show or hide whenever you want.

The Lonely Rock [FewCents]


  • That looks like Ball’s Pyramid, about 500k east of Sydney out in the Pacific. Amazing place where the Lord Howe Island stick insect (one of the world’s biggest) was discovered after it was believed to be extinct by 1930.
    Australia – never fails to amaze.

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