The Cheapest Suburbs To Buy A House In Australia

The Cheapest Suburbs To Buy A House In Australia

Want to buy your first place but horrified by the prices? Here are the cheapest suburbs near the CBD in every Australian capital city.

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These numbers come from RP Data, which assembles lists of the cheapest suburbs within 10 kilometres of the CBD of each capital city in Australia. Inner suburban living means you probably won’t have a large backyard, but you’ll be near lots of services and (potentially) your job. Both houses and units are covered. This is the median price as of June 2014.

Region Suburb Type Median value
Sydney House Wolli Creek $710,303
Sydney House Waterloo $761,054
Sydney House Sydenham $807,195
Sydney House Beaconsfield $811,261
Sydney House Tempe $828,914
Sydney Unit Eastlakes $452,776
Sydney Unit Darlington $453,413
Sydney Unit Newtown $463,732
Sydney Unit Marrickville $506,808
Sydney Unit Ashfield $511,701
Melbourne House Bellfield $533,252
Melbourne House Maidstone $543,582
Melbourne House West Footscray $571,961
Melbourne House Footscray $592,211
Melbourne House Yarraville $655,993
Melbourne Unit Carlton $279,872
Melbourne Unit West Footscray $312,309
Melbourne Unit Kingsville $319,722
Melbourne Unit Footscray $347,801
Melbourne Unit South Kingsville $348,343
Brisbane House Rocklea $330,848
Brisbane House Keperra $416,036
Brisbane House Tingalpa $456,878
Brisbane House Chermside West $471,657
Brisbane House Nathan $473,513
Brisbane Unit Tingalpa $332,317
Brisbane Unit Kedron $335,633
Brisbane Unit Wooloowin $336,975
Brisbane Unit Gordon Park $344,776
Brisbane Unit Moorooka $345,848
Adelaide House Dry Creek $255,349
Adelaide House Gepps Cross $313,467
Adelaide House Mansfield Park $343,040
Adelaide House Woodville Gardens $347,652
Adelaide House Kilburn $349,925
Adelaide Unit Kilburn $233,106
Adelaide Unit Woodville Gardens $241,939
Adelaide Unit Windsor Gardens $243,308
Adelaide Unit Angle Park $245,784
Adelaide Unit Clearview $246,460
Perth House Glendalough $438,995
Perth House Osborne Park $463,414
Perth House Westminster $489,224
Perth House Nollamara $495,617
Perth House Redcliffe $523,014
Perth Unit Glendalough $351,603
Perth Unit Osborne Park $379,757
Perth Unit Redcliffe $384,311
Perth Unit Wembley $388,749
Perth Unit Coolbinia $391,496
Hobart House Clarendon Vale $159,159
Hobart House Risdon Vale $180,626
Hobart House Rokeby $197,709
Hobart House Goodwood $207,428
Hobart House Warrane $229,691
Hobart Unit Glenorchy $198,396
Hobart Unit Rokeby $204,167
Hobart Unit Montrose $204,554
Hobart Unit Moonah $216,038
Hobart Unit Rosetta $216,412
Darwin House Malak $585,478
Darwin House Anula $585,967
Darwin House Moil $587,734
Darwin House Milner $602,943
Darwin House The Narrows $611,961
Darwin Unit Alawa $366,947
Darwin Unit Malak $395,385
Darwin Unit Moil $405,157
Darwin Unit Milner $406,948
Darwin Unit Nightcliff $407,883
Canberra House Page $445,417
Canberra House Sculin $445,873
Canberra House Giralang $470,846
Canberra House Evatt $486,770
Canberra House Kaleen $521,567
Canberra Unit Hughes $265,898
Canberra Unit Downer $289,091
Canberra Unit Curtin $311,265
Canberra Unit Chifley $316,912
Canberra Unit Hackett $329,659

Here’s the same data on a searchable map:

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  • Those prices are crazy. You can tell they are driven by supply/demand and not quality. 🙁

  • So basically, you can buy a house in Hobart for the cost of the deposit of a house in Sydney. Sounds fair

    • A lot of the suburbs listed in Hobart are honestly places that you don’t want to live. Lots of social issues & crime due to high level of unemployment, drug use, etc.
      Plus you also have to factor in the cost of everything else down here. Food is a lot more expensive as is getting any of the basics from the supermarket.

      • As with most of them, being an ex Canberra resident and a current Melbourne resident I can see a link between price and crime.

  • Probably worth mentioning that Rocklea (Brisbane) is so cheap because pretty much the entire suburb was under 2-3m of water in the 2011 floods. I’m surprised that they’re selling for 300k+ to be honest.

    • +1

      I was just about to post the same thing. Be sure to check the flood maps before you buy a property in a lot of Brisbane suburbs.

  • The areas in Canberra are all really good & close to their individual town centres.
    Can recommend Page, Giralang & Sculin because used to live in the suburb nestled between them. No real hassles, close to the town centre & pretty quiet.

    • They’re all within 15 mins drive to the CBD. Mind you that can mean a disproportionately long bus trip in Canberra, because the city is designed for driving, and bus routes can wind around a bit.

      • Tell me about it. I used to live in Kambah & was a pain to bus it anywhere & even worse to walk because no real straight roads between places.

      • Scullin is next to Higgins, which when I lived there had the highest crime rate. Not saying it’s a bad place, he’ll I grew up in mcgregor and charnwood. But I can see a link between crime and price.

  • A lot of these suburbs may be good for investments? Some are likely not where anyone may want to actually live… But once the ‘undesirable’ elements of each eventually clear out they could go up in value.

    There are plenty of nice places around all the cities for good money, just need to find something that fits you lifestyle and budget.

  • Thanks for this informative residential listing. I have been moving around for quite a bit in search of a good location to settle down with my family. However, since we are quite new to the neighbourhood we are still uncertain which area is best in terms of lifestyle and finances as well. This helps to set as a support for us to refer to should we need be.

  • The information here could be a little dated and should be put in storage for the 2016 figures for cheapest suburbs in Australia. In any case, you should still keep your eyes peeled in case a good offer comes on the market when you least expect it.

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