The Best Offline Android Games, As Chosen By Google

The Best Offline Android Games, As Chosen By Google

On a tight data allowance? Google has assembled a collection of Android games that do not require an internet connection to play. The Play Without Boundaries collection includes more than 60 hand-picked titles with an emphasis on freebies. Here are some of the best apps in the collection.

In today’s mobile gaming era of MMOs and micro-transactions, finding a game that can be enjoyed from start to finish in offline mode is harder than it sounds. In a bid to make things easier for customers, Google has gathered some of its most popular offline gaming apps into a subsection of the Google Play website. As the company explains on its blog:

Whether you’re in airplane [sic] mode or stuck with zero bars, all these games require is your thumb. Now you can play your heart out from anywhere with our selection of off-line games.

There are 63 apps in all, including usual suspects like Temple Run 2, Minecraft, Jetpack Joyride, Angry Birds Star Wars and Dumb Ways To Die. If you haven’t downloaded these already, be sure to do so — they’re all fiendishly addictive time-wasters that are perfect for commuting. Handily, all but 11 of the included apps are free to download.

As the more cynical among you will have deduced already, the Play Without Boundaries “collection” is just a quickie repackaging of existing Google Play content. However, having a one-stop shop for offline apps is still convenient; especially if your Android has a meagre data allowance. Handily, the collection caters to all age groups, which means you can download games for your kids safe in the knowledge that they won’t be chewing up data.

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  • I’m not really sure why Trials Frontier is on there.

    I mean yeah, you CAN play it without being connected to the internet. Eventually though, you need to upgrade your bikes, and for some reason, you need an internet connection to do that. You can choose not to upgrade them I guess but you’ll hit a wall very quickly as you won’t be able to complete the mission objectives anymore.

    Also, with a few of these games, such as Rayman, it needs to periodically check the license for some reason, and you need an internet connection for that to happen, even if it’s only for a second.

    • +1 – It’s playable for 10 minute stints only and it requires a net connection to save properly – or spin the slots.

  • I was suprised Smurfs village is on the list or has it changed since i downloaded it 2/3 years ago?

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