StatusDuck Stuffs Your Dock Into The Menu Bar

StatusDuck Stuffs Your Dock Into the Menu Bar

Mac: The dock is an iconic part of OS X, but if you're not a fan, StatusDuck is an app that moves all your apps into the menu bar for easy access.

Once you start StatusDuck, all your applications and folders from your dock appear in the menu bar. From there, the menu bar works exactly the same as the dock. You can launch apps, open folders, switch between apps and drag items to the trash. You can also hide any apps you don't want cluttering up the menu bar.

If you're a fan of hiding the dock but want access to all your apps, StatusDuck is pretty handy. You can check out StatusDuck for free with a trial.

StatusDuck ($US15) [via MakeUseOf]


    I love all of these little modification apps on Mac, Windows and Linux, but then I look at the price tags for the apps for the former and jump ship to the latter...

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