‘SMTP Is A Data Leakage Protocol’

‘SMTP Is A Data Leakage Protocol’

One common objection to cloud-based email is that it’s liable to be intercepted or spied on. It’s worth remembering that risk exists with all forms of email.

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In a blog post structured as a discussion between a doctor and a patient about email management, Gartner analyst Jay Heiser highlights the risks that have always existed in email:

SMTP is a data leakage protocol, that isn’t designed to secure your data, but is intended to disseminate it as widely as possible. Email has always broadly exposed your data across the Internet, with both deliberate and accidental addressing of sensitive messages resulting in a steady stream of undesirable data leakage.

We also like the sarcastic conclusion to the “consultation”:

Q: We want to keep doing what we’ve always done, but we want to pay less for it, and if there is a failure, we want to be able to blame someone else.
A: I don’t think anybody sells a service like that.

Hit the link for the full discussion.

Doctor, it hurts when I do this [Gartner Blogs]


  • The risk in the “cloud” is FAR higher.

    Most companies will use TLS these days for their connections.
    As far as addressing to the wrong person, that will happen if it’s cloud based or not.

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