Share Your Wisdom: Our Guide To Business Forums

Want to meet fellow business people, share war stories and enhance your skills? Lifehacker rounds up the top online and real-world forums for small business people to get together.

Below, we’ve highlighted general-purpose business forums of interest to everyone. If you’re a member of a specific association related to your line of business, it’s also worth checking to see if it has its own online forum.


LinkedIn is the big kahuna of professional online forums: everyone you know is likely to be on there, and you can quickly feel overwhelmed by the endless stream of notifications, endorsements and connection requests. Eliminate that hassle by getting rid of LinkedIn’s biggest annoyances, and then make LinkedIn more useful by seeking out groups that relate to your area of business. That way you’ll encounter new people — not just those you have worked with in the past — and gain potentially useful insights.


The Meetup site lists get-togethers for people with a common interest, and there are plenty of small business-related options on offer in every Australian city. If you prefer face-to-face discussion to online, it’s definitely worth checking out to see what’s happening in your area.

Flying Solo

Flying Solo focuses on small and micro businesses, and offers lively forums where you can swap ideas with fellow business owners on a range of topics. While the site heavily pushes its paid-for premium offer, you don’t have to pay to utilise the forums.


Quora allows you to ask questions and receive answers from anyone in the Quora community. As such, it suits questions where a range of views would be useful. There are plenty of small business questions featured, and you can search through the archive of existing questions as well as asking your own.

Know another forum worth sharing? Tell us about it in the comments.

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