Restore Vintage Razors Yourself For A Cheap, Awesome Shave

Restore Vintage Razors Yourself For A Cheap, Awesome Shave

Safety razors are a great way to get a cheaper, better shave, but a new razor can be expensive. The Art of Manliness has a great guide to restoring old vintage razors to like-new conditions.

While $40 isn’t insanely expensive, you can probably get a vintage razor for much cheaper at a garage sale — or even from your grandpa’s collection of old stuff. Plus, there are some really cool vintage styles to choose from, if you’re into that.

To restore your razor, you’ll need some regular household cleaners like Scrubbing Bubbles and toothpaste, along with a nylon brush and cotton swabs. If you have some metal polish and some barbicide, that will help too. Check out the full guide at the link below for more detailed instructions, and good luck.

How to Buy and Restore Vintage Shaving Gear [Art of Manliness]


  • Same razor as I have and been using since it came out.
    Use it nearly everyday, never use shaving cream, only water and if you clean the blade after every use the razor blade will last over a month.
    Save your dollars this way and give the money you save to charities.
    Easy, simple and feel good about what you have done.

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