Restart Or Shut Down Windows 8 With A Keyboard Shortcut

Restart Or Shut Down Windows 8 With A Keyboard Shortcut

Windows 8’s start menu interferes with the old, convenient method of using keyboard shortcuts (via the Windows key) to quickly restart or shut down your machine. Here’s a little trick that sort of brings back that time saver.

As How-To Geek points out, all you need to do is pull up the power tools menu with WIN + X (one of the best keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8), then U and the underlined letter for the shut down option of your choice.

Alternatively, once you’re on the desktop (WIN + D), hit Alt+F4 to bring up the shut down menu, but the above option is quicker, I think.

Stupid Geek Tricks: Restart Windows 8.x Using Just the Keyboard [How-To Geek]


  • I made single line batch files of
    “shutdown /f /s /t 0”
    “shutdown /f /r /t 0”
    For Shutdown and Restart respectively.
    I named them s.bat and r.bat, and put them in a folder.
    I then added that folder to the system path.

    Now I shutdown with Win+R, S, Enter
    and I restart with Win+R, R, Enter.

    (Alternatively If you have trouble changing your system path, you could always dump the two files in your system32 folder, but I like to not touch my system32 folder)

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