Make A Simple Bottle Opener With A Nail

There are a lot of ways to open a bottle, but this simple method of hammering a nail into some wood is one of the easiest.

All you need to do is hammer the nail into the wood at about a downward 45 degree angle. Just make sure you're using a nail that has a big enough head to grip the bottle top. It might take you a few tries to get the perfect angle, but when you get it right, you've got a simple bottle opener for your garage or backyard.

How to Make a Bottle Opener Using a Nail [YouTube]


    Do the same but use a screw, or if the nail is just off the correct angle a pair of pliers and bend it to get it just right.

    Screw required. Nail will just get pulled out. Also it's stupid as it tips the bottle too far in the above example, stirring the contents and ruining them.

    But sure, nailing random nails in a random wall is much better than just using a bottle opener.

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