Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

So it turns out we like pizza both from a vending machine and as an economic indicator. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Taste Test: Australia's First Pizza Vending Machine
    The Pizza Gio is a new takeaway concept that delivers piping-hot pizzas straight from a vending machine to the customer's mouth. It offers a choice of two "authentic" Italian artisan pizzas that are cooked inside the machine and dispensed in under three minutes. Yesterday, we checked out the debut model at Sydney's Chatswood Westfield shopping centre. Here's how it tasted.
  2. How To Develop Your Mental Toughness
    Developing your mental toughness can help you be more emotionally resilient, push you to go further and harder, and build armour to persevere against the bullets that life fires your way. It's not as easy to just "be tougher" though. Here are some tactics to toughen up your mind for life's hard knocks.
  3. Ask LH: Why Do We Still Have SIM Cards?
    Dear Lifehacker, A friend of mine recently acquired a new phone and had to get a new SIM in the right size. That made me wonder: why do we still use SIM cards? American CDMA phones are SIM-less, so are there any specific reasons why SIM cards are still needed here?
  4. Private Schooling Doesn't Pay Off In The Long Term
    Parents often invest huge sums in private education for their children. But as University of Canberra research fellow Jennifer Chesters explains, the evidence for benefits at university or later in life is lacking.
  5. Top 10 Skills We Wish Were Taught In School, But Usually Aren't
    Even though we learn a great deal in school, some of the most essential skills we need as adults aren't universally taught in a formal setting. Here are some of the subjects and skills we wish we'd learned in school. (You can still learn them now. It's never too late!)
  6. Hide Your Wireless Router Inside A $5.99 IKEA Picture Frame
    Routers are the modern equivalent of TV antennas — essential eyesores that don't really fit in with the rest of your home decor. Here's a decorative tip from IKEA Hackers that will keep your router hidden from view while also extending your Wi-Fi coverage.
  7. Lessons Every IT Pro Can Learn From Commonwealth Bank
    Commonwealth Bank made an $8.3 billion profit last financial year, and its IT systems are generally held to be the best of any major Australian bank. You might not have $1.38 billion to spend on technology, but you can still adopt some of the approaches CommBank uses.
  8. Ask LH: How Can I Access iMessage On Android?
    Hey Lifehacker, I recently decided to buy a Nexus 5 but find I still have to carry an iPhone with me because a lot of work and social banter is conducted within iMessage and its group messaging function. Is there an Android-ready version of iMessage out there?
  9. The Best Features Of Facebook Messenger
    Facebook took a lot of criticism for making its standalone Messenger app mandatory. Many feel that a standalone app for messages is unnecessary. Even so, that doesn't make it a bad app or not useful. Here are some of the best features of Facebook Messenger that make it worth using.
  10. 'Pizza Index' Suggests Aussies Are Skint... Or Just Tight
    Pizza Index is a new measuring tool from stockbroking firm CMC Markets that attempts to predict shifts in the economy based on Australia's pizza buying habits. The idea is that consumers move away from expensive foods when times are tough in favour of the budget end of the market — namely, cheap takeaway pizza. As the Index shows, the current trend for bottom-of-the-barrel $5 pizzas paints a grim picture for the economy. Or maybe we're just a bunch of tightarses?


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