How To Scam A McDonald’s Frozen Coke ‘Float’ Dessert For $1.30

How To Scam A McDonald’s Frozen Coke ‘Float’ Dessert For $1.30

A medium size McDonald’s Frozen Coke Float (i.e. — frozen Coca-Cola garnished with soft serve ice cream) currently costs a pretty hefty $4.50. Here’s a sneaky hack to get an even bigger version of the same dessert for just $1.30.

To take advantage of this scam, you’ll need to find a McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s store in close proximity to each other. Firstly, purchase a large frozen Coke from Hungry Jack’s, which are currently on special for just $1. Then, grab a 30 cent soft serve ice cream cone from McDonald’s.

Once you have both products in hand, simply slurp down some of the frozen Coke and add the ice cream to the cup for a saving of $3.20:

You now have a larger, cheaper version of the same dessert with a bonus ice cream cone to munch on. Alternatively, you can cut McDonald’s out altogether and order an ice cream cone from Hungry Jack’s for a combined total of $1.50.

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    • I’ve always had success in asking for the soft-serve to be delivered in a sundae lid instead of a cone. Try this when you have hotcakes. Hotcakes are much better with ice-cream. And extra syrup.

  • Somewhat related but not really:

    Went to Subway to order a Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt footlong for $11.75 (from their premium subs range) last night. They have a promo running for all footlongs (excluding premium) for $7 after 5 pm. So I ordered a Chicken Strips sub footlong for $7 and added extra bacon for $2.

    Ended up saving $2.75 for the exact same sub.

  • If it’s cheap subway you’re looking for, and you are looking for something with little or no meat, (Cheese, lettuce, tomato, baby spinach, cucumber, carrots, jalapenos, onion, olives).
    Rather than buying a “veggie delight” (or ‘nothing’ + salad) sub for $7, ask them if they do all day breakfast subs, and pick up an egg and cheese breakfast sub (without the egg if you don’t like it) for $5.20.
    You can add extras like marinara sauce, and doubles/triples of any salad for free.
    You then wind up with a salad sandwich with cheese for $5.20

  • The Hungry Jacks frozen coke used to be a summer only special, but it has been going on forever. I think we can safely say it will be permenant

  • If I saw correctly, McD’s has a $1 Frozen Coke promotion as well at the moment.

  • Macca’s in QLD is currently also doing the $1 large Frozen coke, so no need to go to HJ’s for this up here! Good tip though.

  • You need to take into account the extra petrol and time you spend doing this. Is $3.20 worth the extra time it takes to park, line up, and order?

    • but for someone like me who walks past a HJ and a McD literally right next to each other this is perfect

  • With the amount of posts turned in to articles from OzBargin to Life Hacker I’m hoping the OP is getting a commission on this article.

  • Its a valid tip! There is just something weird about HJ’s Soft Serve, it tastes more “fatty” to me. They’re definitely not the same (And I prefer Maccas soft serve)

  • Soft Serve Cone: 30 cents
    Frozen Coke : One Dollar
    Thirty teaspoons of sugar: Free
    Diabetes : Priceless

          • It was clearly a joke. It was hardly a rant about the ‘evils of dem sugars’.

            I’m the first person to defend ‘so called unhealthy’ foods and as an athlete I take that sugar and turn it into pure awesomeness rather than diabetes (there’s actual physiological science behind this but I prefer my way of saying it); but…come on people!

  • For over 10 years, if i got a frozen coke, i would ask them to add a soft serve to it at McDonalds. When Hungry Jacks made frozen cokes $1, i was in sugary heaven although eventually they made the float an actual menu item and jacked up the price :'( Life’s not fair sometimes

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