How To Choose The Right Tech For Your Business: Lifehacker's Free New Ebook

Should you let staff choose their own devices? What hardware specs matter most? How can you take advantage of the benefits mobile technology offers while minimising the security risks? Lifehacker has answered these questions and more in a free new ebook that you can download right here.

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Making Mobility Real is a comprehensive ebook guide to selecting the best technology to meet current and future business needs in a world where there are more choices than ever and many mobile devices have to operate both inside and outside the office.

The emphasis is on practical how-to advice on the issues businesses need to consider to ensure their mobile technology choices are functional, secure and easy to manage.

The ebook collects together our best tips on how to choose mobile devices and how to deploy them so that they're secure. Topics covered include:

  • Why you need a mobility policy
  • Should you let staff choose their own devices?
  • Why data matters more than devices
  • The top 5 rules for mobile security
  • The device specifications that really matter
  • How to save money buying mobile devices
  • How can you justify mobile security expenditure?
To download your free copy of the full ebook (available in PDF and .mobi formats), simply fill out the form below:

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