How Buying The Right Car Tyres Can Save You Money

What’s your favourite tip for improving fuel efficiency? Lifehacker suggests steady acceleration is a good start, as is keeping your wheels aligned and tyres at the right pressure. Don’t forget your actual tyres, though. This is where the actual rubber meets the road, so safety is key, but fuel savings are increasingly important. Choosing the right tyre can save you hundreds of dollars. Here’s how.

You want to look for a tyre that incorporates fuel saving features, like Goodyear’s Assurance TripleMax tyres.

This new generation is designed to save you up to $500 thanks to heat reduction technologies and less material in the tyre, which means reduced rolling resistance. That adds up to improved fuel savings.

Do the maths yourself using
this handy fuel savings calculator.


Better Braking

The best fuel saving tyres also provide enhanced protection against road hazards.

For Goodyear’s Assurance TripleMax that means Hydro Grip technology for maximum traction in all conditions, especially in the wet.

Independent tests show the Goodyear Assurance TripleMax tyres actually stop more than 2 metres shorter in wet conditions than two leading global competitors. Watch the video above for full details.

Durability-wise, TripleMax tread life has also been improved 10 per cent over Goodyear’s previous FuelMax tyres. The use of DuPont Kevlar also maintains strength, even in high temperatures when the tyre is in motion. We like great mileage almost as much as Goodyear’s other great deals, which can be found at their Facebook page. has the full specs and sizes, and a useful local store locator.

Fuel pump image remixed from Maxx Studio and olavs (Shutterstock).