Immerse Your Senses In 10 Hours Of Chimp Chatter

Immerse Your Senses In 10 Hours Of Chimp Chatter

Are you looking for some eclectic tracks to add to your music playlist? Or maybe some audio for your homemade Planet Of The Apes remake? Perhaps you’ve just got a penchant for primate jibber-jabber and don’t care who knows it? If the answer to any of the above is “yes”, this is the dealhacker you’ve been waiting for. Scientists have just launched a freely available online audio library cataloguing more than 10 hours of chimpanzee vocalisations. Download it and get weird.

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More than ten hours of young chimpanzee vocalisations have been catalogued, digitised and posted online today to coincide with a Scientific Data paper. The recordings were collected at Gombe National Park, Tanzania between 1971 to 1973 and represent the most comprehensive collection of chimp vocalisations in the world:

The audio tapes feature the “grunts”, “hoocalls”, “barks”, “squeals” and other vocalisations of 17 young chimps. These recordings have not yet been analysed, meaning that the most extensive attempt to understand chimpanzee vocalisations remains unfinished.

The database is aimed at anyone interested in chimpanzee vocal communication and the evolution of human language. Click here to get your chimp on!

Longitudinal recordings of the vocalizations of immature Gombe chimpanzees for developmental studies [Scientific Data]

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