Follow This Chart To Know If You Can Use An Image From The Internet

When you find a picture online that would be perfect for your project, it's hard to know whether you're allowed to use it. Follow this flow chart to know for sure and avoid getting yourself in trouble.

The chart comes from Curtis Newbold, The Visual Communication Guy, and explains copyright, fair use, creative commons and public domain in an easy-to-consult format. It's important to double check before using someone else's image. Just follow the chart and answer the questions and you'll know whether it's cool to use that cat pic for your blog or not. If you're not completely sure, ask for permission or don't use the image. Click the chart for a full-size version.

Follow This Chart to Know If You Can Use an Image from the Internet

Can I Use that Picture? [The Visual Communication Guy via Visually]


    This flow chart is certainly more comprehensive than what most people do: "Can I Right-Click It and Save As" -> Yes -> "Am I Likely To Get Caught Using It" -> Probably Not -> Use It Until Asked to Stop.

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