Find Your Grill's Sweet Spot With The Parchment Test

Find Your Broiler's Sweet Spot with the Parchment Test

When you grill goods, you hope for even browning and even cooking, but different rack positions don't always produce the same results. This parchment test from Cook's Illustrated will help you find the best zone in your broiler.

It's especially useful if you have an electric grill, whose rods could create hot spots and, thus, uneven cooking.

To do the test, grill parchment at each position and look for the one that comes out most like the one in the middle in the photo above.

You can also test if your grill is even with white bread or find your oven's hot and cold spots with shredded coconut.

The Parchment Test: Finding the Broiler Sweet Spot [Cook's Illustrated]


    Aww, I misread the title as Girl instead of Grill.

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