eBay Cracking Down On Poor Pictures In Listings

eBay Cracking Down On Poor Pictures In Listings

Thinking of selling something on eBay? From this week, your listings will be deleted if you don’t meet the site’s minimum image quality requirements.

The crucial requirements are these:

  • All listings must have one picture. (It’s been the case for years that your chances of selling something without a picture are close to zero anyway.)
  • The image must be at least 500 pixels in size on its longest side. (eBay recommends 1600 pixels as a practical minimum.)
  • If you’re selling second-hand goods, they must be specifically photographed — you can’t use catalogue images or stock art.

Any listing which doesn’t meet these requirements is liable to be blocked before it has even posted. These days, eBay is more commonly used by professional sellers and stores than individuals, but if you do decide to use it, these rules are worth keeping in mind.



  • About time

    Im sick of trying to zoom in on a pic only to find out it is already zoomed in to see it

  • To be honest, it seems like the least of eBay’s problems, that it should be cracking down on anyway…

  • They should have guidelines for lighting and stuff, because 1600 pixels on the longest side means squat when you’re trying to work out if that’s a chip in the corner or just bad lighting.

  • Please included incorrectly rotated images (portrait in landscape and vice versa) in this crack down. I’m getting a bad neck.

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