Dropbox Pro Now Has 1TB Of Storage, New Sharing And Security Options

Dropbox is an awesome cloud storage service which integrates well with everything, but if you need more than the 2GB on the Free (plus whatever free extras you can scrounge) it can become expensive. So we're happy to learn that Dropbox Pro has simplified its plans and expanded its storage: 1TB now costs $10.99 a month.

Previously, $10.99 a month only scored you 100GB (200GB cost $21.99 a month, 500GB was a whopping $54.99 a month). Existing customers will be moved onto the cheaper and more capacious plan. (Pricing in North America is $US9.99, which would translate to $10.71 Australian on current exchange rates, so $10.99 is a pretty close equivalent.)

Dropbox Pro is also adding some new sharing and security options. You can set individual files to be view-only, share links with passwords for added protection, and add an automatic expiry after which links won't work. (The default options are 7 or 30 days, but you can also choose a specific date if you wish). You can also remotely wipe data from any device which is syncing with your Dropbox account.


    I found Copy using https://copy.com/?r=s7nc0m and got an extra 5Gb on sign up. 1Tb is good but not at over $100/year. 20Gb is generally plenty of space for most people.

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