Doctor Who Shows How To Keep Your Hiring Plans Secret

Doctor Who returned to our screens over the weekend. To give you an excuse to read about it in the office, here’s how the production team managed to hire companion Jenna Coleman without fellow workers or the press twigging what was happening.

Jenna Coleman, who plays companion Clara Oswald, explained the unusual way in which she was hired during the show’s brief promotional stop in Sydney earlier this month. Here’s what she said, courtesy of a handy transcript of the event at Fat Duck Tech:

I knew I was auditioning for the companion. But it was the most confusing audition I’ve ever had. First of all the audition came through as something called “men on waves”, which was an anagram for “woman seven” so I had to turn up to the basement of the BBC, and it was all very hush-hush, and everyone turning up was half an hour apart, so nobody could see each other.

You probably aren’t being tracked by paparazzi and won’t need code names for the project, but if you’re hiring for a sensitive role, it makes sense not to schedule all the meetings together. It also gives you time to contemplate the pros and cons of each candidate without diving into the next interview.

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