Disable Disruptive Hotkeys While Gaming With This Script

Disable Disruptive Hotkeys While Gaming With This Script

Some keyboard keys can be a nuisance for gamers (ever accidentally hit the Windows key while gaming?) The How-To Geek saves us from accidentally ripping ourselves out of our games and other hotkey mishaps with a script.

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Instead of prying the Windows key off of your computer, you can download AutoHotKey, the awesome scripting program, and disable the keys when a game is running. Then you can re-enable them when you’re done gaming.

The script is simple, and presented in a commented fashion so you can easily comment the keys in or out of use. Just download AutoHotkey (if you haven’t already) and paste the following into a text file with the .ahk extension:

; Disable Alt+Tab


; Disable Windows Key + Tab


; Disable Left Windows Key


; Disable Right Windows Key


This will disable Alt+Tab, Windows+Tab and both Windows keys. You can find all of How-To Geek’s guidance on temporarily disabling your the Windows, Alt+Tab and Sticky keys at the link below.

How to Prevent the Windows Key, Alt+Tab, and Sticky Keys From Ruining Your Gaming [How-to Geek]

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