Dealhacker: Get Up To 80 Percent Off Video Games From Amazon

Amazon has just launched its "End of Summer" Sale with up to 80 per cent off a range of video games, including Titanfall, Batman Mega Bundle and Hitman: Absolution. Here are a few bargains that are worth checking out — with links to each deal.

On the off-chance that Green Man Gaming's recent Top 50 sale didn't leave you penniless, Amazon has stepped in to mop up any remaining pocket shrapnel. There are some pretty impressive titles up for grabs, including plenty of retro classics for the grumpy old gamer set.

As always, you will need to set up a bogus US account to access these deals. The sale ends 1 September. Below are some of the deals that caught our eye:


    I thought Australians were geoblocked from buying video games off Amazon?

      I think it was just a specific publisher that had requested that Amazon accept no orders with Australian credit cards.
      I bought BF4 and some BL2 DLC yesterday with no issues.

    end of summer game must be hatrick . I like the game. can I get it in Bangladesh area.

    On the GTA trilogy pack page; "Note: Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States and who have a U.S. billing address"

    Beautiful, creative and acutely enjoy able! Thanks for sharing this game.

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