Dealhacker: Get A Soniq 55-Inch Smart LED TV For $699

Dealhacker: Get A Soniq 55-Inch Smart LED TV For $699

Just when we thought HD TVs couldn’t get any cheaper, Soniq has slashed the price of its 55” Smart LED TV to just $699. The model runs on Android’s Smart TV Cinavision platform and comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi, three USB ports and a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Not too shabby!

The Soniq 55” Smart LED TV can be purchased from JB Hi-Fi or direct from Soniq’s website. Noteworthy specifications include built-in Wi-Fi, three USB ports with high-definition video playback, a Web browser and four HDMI inputs. The deal is only available until 14 September.

Below are the TV’s key features:

  • 55″ Screen
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • Fast and Powerful ARM Dual Core CPU and Quad Core GPU Processor Delivers Super Performance
  • Android Platform
  • Built In Wi-Fi
  • 50Hz Screen Refresh Rate
  • 3 x USB Port
  • 4 x HDMI
    As you can see from the above specs, this is pretty impressive for a sub-$700 TV. It’s missing a few bells and whistles like Miracast but it’s hard to argue with that price tag. We’ve not tested the Soniq 55” Smart LED TV so can’t vouch for its picture quality. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments.


  • Small review, since a friend has this and I recommended it.

    – It’s got LED backlight, not edge lighting. Means the picture is very uniform with little backlight bleed in corners or edges.
    – The android portion is pretty slow I’ve been told. Unbearably slow.
    – To get it working for gaming, you gotta turn off their version of motion processing. I can’t remember what it’s called though. But, there’s no ‘game mode’, so you have to navigate via settings every single time.
    – The motion processing is very basic, so probably not the best for watching movies. I’d keep this as a gaming (with occasional TV show or something) TV.
    – No idea why article says it’s 100Hz and 3D. It’s not.
    – Overall, for the price, it’s decent TV for gaming. Looks good.

    • I’ve got a similar TV (same size) from Kogan with Android as the OS. Its not what I would call a feature.
      Its slow, can crash leaving you wondering what happened and apart from the preloaded ones, apps don’t work very well.
      The TV itself is perfectly fine for gaming and watching TV though.

      • Ditto – in a 42″ Kogan….the OS *SUX*.
        Annoying need to also boot to the Smart OS *BEFORE* allowing TV/HDMI/else – ie you need the OS to run the Tuner and connections.
        XBMC does run though – bit buggy, and freezes when changing volume.

  • Just checked on JB’s site the link in this article and on search JBHifi,
    Lists this as 50Hz and not a 3D TV at all.

  • I really need 46″ TV with great viewing angles for a virtual pinball cabinet. Anyone recommend a model for a decent price? 47″ is just too big.

  • Is Soniq a brand people “in the know” buy now? They’ve always appeared to be the lowest quality budget TV you could get… The comment above seem to reflect that – and I can’t imagine buying one unless I was absolutely sure I wanted something sub-par but cheap.

    • Yes, purely on price. I recommended it for friend cos he had tiny budget and just wanted to play games.

      • That sounds great if you know what you’re doing (which you sound like you do); I can imagine reading this article and thinking I’m getting a fantastic TV at a bargain though (if I didn’t know better) =(

        • Yeah I know what you mean. You either do a lot of research and teach yourself what it all mean, or follow this blanket statement:

          If you’re gonna watch lots of TV or movies on it, buy a well-known quality brand (LG, Pana, Samsung, Sharp .. ). The processing on these TV’s just can’t be matched by the cheaper stuff.

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