Convert Coffee Grounds Into Starter Pots For Spring Planting

Convert Coffee Grounds into Starter Pots for Spring Planting

Coffee grounds work surprisingly well as insect repellent in the garden. You can combine all these uses into a biodegradable flower pot that can go from the windowsill to the ground without repotting.

Sure, you can use old newspaper to create biodegradable pots, but they won't have the additional benefits that coffee grounds have to offer. If you are concerned about keeping a fully organic garden, you can use organic coffee and organic flour for the full-on organic garden experience.

Collecting the grounds is easy to do yourself, though you can also get them for free at your local cafe.

Drink more coffee and help your plants. Use decaf if you must. We won't tell.

Biodegradable Flower Pots Out of Coffee Grounds [Instructables]


    They use biodegradable pots as mild for the shape.

    You have to bake them for 40 min. (eco-friendly?)

    They are not water-resistant. Thus, they shall be screwed on first watering...

    What's the point?

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