Chrome’s Faster, More Stable 64-Bit Builds Now Available On Windows

Chrome’s Faster, More Stable 64-Bit Builds Now Available On Windows

Windows: A few months ago, Chrome released 64-bit builds for Windows in its Dev and Canary channels. The newest version of Chrome brings these to the stable channel for all to enjoy.

Check out our original post on the new 64-bit builds below for more information.


    • It’s 2014 – why is that an issue?
      RAM is cheap as chips now’days and most motherboards/laptops provide the ability to go 16GB+ for little cost.

      • Yeah, I see that the developers at Google share your sentiment.

        Because a lot of organizations get a little bit sensitive when you take apart an office PC and install more memory. Nor are they generally keen on approving purchases for extra memory in a PC without a full business case & IT signoff – which means most office PC’s have the original 4 or 8GB of ram (if you’re lucky) they were shipped with and a Win7 X64 Operating system.

        Sorry, but I don’t understand why you need 700MB of RAM to render a 1MB webpage.

        • Short answer, to help keep you safe.

          My understanding is that the high memory usage is the result of the internal sandboxing, which results in each tab/page essentially being handled by a standalone instance of the browser.

          If that’s too much of an issue, than try to limit the number of browser extensions and open tabs (you can only read one page at a time, use bookmarks or an extension like Pocket to keep track of pages you want to read).

          I currently have two Chrome windows open (one logged into my personal Google account, the other to my businesses Google Apps account), I have multiple (and different) extensions in both of them, and several pages open in each. My total RAM usage is less than 1.5GB.

  • lol the OS is limited by RAM availability in regards to being either x86 or x64. Not the programs…lol. Chrome 32bit can easily use 4gb+ RAM on a 64bit machine

    • Actually no 32bit app can use more than 4gb of ram, infact most are restricted to 2gb unless specially built.

      Now 10 chrome instances can use up 20GB if you have it but each process is limited to the confines of 32bits.

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