Check Your Social Profile For These Lesser-Known Job-Killing Mistakes


We all know that potential employers check out our social media profiles, but we aren’t always sure what they are looking for. CareerBuilder surveyed employers and identified some surprising reasons they found to reject candidates

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The top reason is obvious: 46% of employers rejected applicants due to “provocative or inappropriate photographs or information”. Some of the other top reasons aren’t as obvious:

Job candidates bad-mouthed their previous company or fellow employee — 36 per cent

Job candidate had poor communication skills — 32 per cent

Job candidate had discriminatory comments related to race, gender, religion etc. — 28 per cent

Job candidate lied about qualifications — 25 per cent

Job candidate shared confidential information from previous employers — 24 per cent

Check out the link for the things you should do to your social media profile to give you the best shot at your next job.

Number of Employers passing on Applicants due to Social Media Posts Continues to Rise [Career Builder]


  • How can any of those be classified as not obvious?
    In fact I’d argue that the least obvious one is “provocative or inappropriate photographs or information”…

    • Best bet? Tie the crap down out of your security settings, HOWEVER, make one or two really innocent photo albums public. That way it doesn’t seem like you’re hiding your entire life :p.

  • Job candidate posted information about them drinking or using drugs
    Why are these categorised together? One is a legal and socially acceptable activity, the other is not.

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