Briefly: NASA's 'Impossible' Space Engine, Phone Home Screen Hacks, Free Grill'd Burger


Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Foxtel adds three new channels to Play service, 4Chan post sells on eBay for $US90,900, NASA announces "impossible" EmDrive space engine might actually work.

  • Foxtel Play has beefed up its channel lineup with BBC First, Lifestyle Food, Lifestyle Home and Crime + Investigation. This brings the total to 50 live and 53 on demand channels. Click here for more information.
  • How do you organise your smartphone's home screen? If you've never given it much thought, here are some layout tips from editors of Gizmodo and Lifehacker.
  • The EmDrive (pictured) is a conceptual engine for space travel that physicists have insisted was impossible because it goes against classical mechanics. However, recent developments suggest that the quantum vacuum plasma thruster might actually work and scientists can’t explain why. The findings have the potential to change space travel forever.
  • Some of the music in the video game series Halo was clearly influenced by Gregorian chants. In related news, here's some guy singing the soundtrack in a church.
  • A 4Chan post pontificating about the nature of art just sold on eBay for $US90,900. But is it art?
  • Participating in Sydney's City2Surf this weekend? Burger joint Grill'd is offering a free "recovery burger" to all entrants. Simply enter your details, including your City2Surf registration number, and a voucher will be emailed to you on Monday 11 August. The voucher can be redeemed until the end of the month. [Via OzBargain]


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